Meet Dr. Binns


Dentistry, specifically prosthodontics, has allowed me to enhance so many lives, starting with my own. Growing up in Panama, I had several impacted front teeth, which made me self-conscious. Thanks to the advances in dentistry, and years of orthodontics and surgical treatments, my teeth are now in the right position and my smile is the best it has ever been.

Likewise, as a dentist, I have been able to improve oral health, smiles, and confidence for people in Latin America and here in the United States.

I recognize my advanced degrees and specialized training enables me to diagnose and successfully treat multiple oral health conditions, while collaborating with my fellow dental specialists for the benefit of patients with unique situations. Being able to offer comprehensive care puts my patients at ease with the convenience of getting most dental work done under one roof. 

Nothing is more rewarding, I feel, than being able to show people how they can love their smile again by way of predictable and long-lasting results. The co-discovery we do together with my patients is eye-opening for individuals. Being able to educate patients about their specific situation and treatment options to correct their oral dentition reminds us all that anything is possible.

Giving hope to patients, and following through by restoring dental function and beauty, is my greatest joy.

~ Dr. Randold Binns

Education and Experience

Dr. Randold Binns grew up in Panama City, Panama. He attended the University of Panama School of Dentistry, where he received a Doctorate of Dental Surgery Degree (DDS).

After practicing in Latin America, Dr. Binns furthered his education at Nova Southeastern University School of Dental Medicine, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he obtained his second dental degree Doctorate of Dental Medicine (DMD). He then moved north, to the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he received his Certificate in Advanced Prosthodontics and a Master of Science in Oral Science (MS).

Dr. Binns has practiced dentistry and then prosthodontics since 2001 in multiple healthcare settings: from Trauma Level 1 and 2 hospitals to family dental practices, and at university hospitals and dental schools across the United States.

Continuing Education, Professional Activities and Affiliations

Since completing his first dental degree, Dr. Binns has actively sought avenues to further develop his knowledge and skills. By keeping up-to-date with evolving technology, research, and innovations in materials and methodologies, he is able to provide the most current modality of diagnosis and treatment.

Digital dentistry is a particular interest for Dr. Binns, as it has revolutionized diagnostics, given new insights into treatment planning, and transformed many procedures. This modality is constantly advancing and the only way to keep up with the newest developments is through continuing education.

Dr. Binns has published research in the Journal of Prosthodontics, is an Adjunct Clinical Professor at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, and a member of the:

  • American Dental Association
  • American College of Prosthodontists
  • Florida Dental Association
  • Collier County Dental Association
  • Naples Dental Study Club

Through these organizations, Dr. Binns learns from leading practitioners and researchers, as well as his peers, other specialists, and general dentists. Throughout the year, he attends local, regional, and national conferences, and participates in lectures, seminars, and study clubs. This commitment to continuing education ensures his patients receive the highest-quality care with predictable, stable results.

Dr. Binns have had the privilege of contributing to the field of dental education by given multiple lectures nationally and internationally in Latin - America and Europe in the field of dental implant reconstructions. 

Beyond the Office

Born and raised in Panama, Dr. Binns arrived to the United States as an adult. Although he arrived speaking very little English, he quickly became fluent in the language. Dr. Binns enjoys traveling, cooking, going to the beach with friends and fishing trips with his colleagues. 

A car enthusiast, Dr. Binns enjoys attending and participating in local car shows. As a foodie, he loves trying new flavors and dishes at local and out-of-town restaurants and then incorporating the best of those into the meals he creates at home.

Outside of dentistry and food, Dr. Binns’ passion is dancing. As a child he loved latin music and that love has stayed with him in his blood! Prior to moving to Naples, Dr. Binns performed with a Panamanian dance group in Miami. 

Family is Dr. Binns’ greatest love. His parents and siblings still live in Panama. Dr. Binns travels to Panama several times every year to enjoy quality time with his family.