Meet Dr. Fueredi

Barbara Fueredi, DDS

I have loved getting to know each and every patient who’s come through our practice doors these last 30-plus years and counting. It is a high point to have a legacy of patients so satisfied with the quality of treatment we deliver that two and three generations of families continue to trust our practice with their dental care.

Education and Professional Pursuit of Knowledge and Collaboration

I am a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where I attended Marquette University for my undergraduate studies and then my Doctorate of Dental Surgery. I finished in 1984.

I value continuing education and self-improvement highly, so I’m always enrolled in both online and live courses. I pursue studies of minimally invasive dentistry, direct composites, body-to-mouth connection, and general health.

In order to provide the strongest patient experience, we must build clinical and non-clinical skills. Thus, I also enjoy learning about leadership, as well as practice and team development. I believe in offering you the best choices for your personal oral health and am current with the newest technologies.

I actively collaborate with other dental specialists to optimize our patient care and am involved in numerous professional organizations, including the:

Through Our Doors

My primary commitment in the office is the pursuit of excellence. Our team and I will always try to accommodate patient needs and requests, even if that means coming in early or staying late. We run challenging timetables and excel at completing all treatments, even those for the seasonal “snowbirds” who live in Florida to avoid the harsh winters further north. At our practice, we are 100% committed to exceeding your expectations.

In the Community

I have been involved in both the Boys and Girls Club and the American Heart Association. Recently our team has been involved in our local S.T.E.M. Program, too.

I am a frequent giver, especially to the causes of our patient family. I am also known to be a soft touch for charities that contribute to bettering the welfare of our four-footed friends.

Outside the Scrubs

I gladly settled down in the warm climes of Florida with my husband, Dr. Clary, to open our practice after we finished our professional education in Milwaukee. My parents, Dr. and Mrs. Adam Fueredi, moved to Naples the day I started dental school. Dr. Clary and I married the fall after I graduated and we followed my family to Naples.

It was important to us that we remain close to my parents, and we also love the balmy climate and consider this to be paradise.

I love to travel with my husband. We have been to almost every state, along with much of Canada, and parts of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Botswana, and even Peru. We love mountains and we love wildlife.

At home, we spend a good deal of time with our dogs: our Rhodesian Ridgebacks. We have had five of them over the years. We have a competitive streak and have raised one of our dogs to be a finished champion!

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