What Sets Us Apart

Our Mission: To Promote, Restore, and Maintain Dental Health in the People We Serve

The health of your mouth affects your overall body health and emotional well-being. There’s a close interrelationship between oral and bodily health: What happens in one affects the other. Likewise, when a person is struggling with dental pain, cracked or missing teeth, and dental disease, he or she finds it difficult to enjoy life.

Dr. David Clary, Dr. Randold Binns, Dr. Eugenio Aquino, and our team understand how frustrating it can be to live with an unhealthy mouth. We are committed to helping each of our patients achieve optimal oral health, stable function for comfortable eating, and an attractive, natural-looking smile — and supporting our patients as they maintain that restored smile!

Your Dental Health Partners

We believe that achieving and maintaining dental health requires a partnership: You, our doctors, and our team must work together to ensure your smile’s health. To make that happen, we:

Focus on Communication. We will always be transparent in our treatment recommendations, thoroughly explain all options, and walk you through each procedure. If anything is ever unclear or you want more information, please tell us. We want you to be fully informed!

Provide Personalized Care. You are unique, with specific clinical needs, treatment goals, and personal concerns. You deserve dental care that addresses the whole of your situation and desires. Drs. Clary, Binns and Aquino will spend lots of time learning what you need to achieve your healthiest smile, then create a treatment plan that works for you.

Respect Your Unique Concerns. Each person has personal dental care concerns, whether financial, scheduling, or feeling anxious about treatment. Please talk with us about what’s happening in your life and be assured we will always listen without judgment. The more we know about what you’re experiencing and what’s holding you back from seeking treatment, the better solutions we can find. We will always work with you, to prioritize the most critical procedures and stretch out those that can wait.

Schedule a Visit

Advanced Prosthodontics & Implant Esthetics is located in Naples, FL. Please contact us to learn more about the patient-centered care we offer and to schedule a visit.

We look forward to meeting you and becoming your partners, so we can work toward your healthiest smile!